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24 in 2024 Program

A churchwide journey in spiritual growth and transformation. 


Learn to listen more to God and deepen your relationship with our Lord and Savior. Start with adding just 2 minutes of quiet time each month in 2024 and gradually increase it throughout the year. That’s 24 minutes each day by the end of the year! Experience the joy and peace that comes from spending time with God in prayer and meditation. Share your insights and reflections with other members of our church community. Sign-up below to join our email list and have access to free resources and the 24 in 2024 GBC community! 


What is 24 in 2024?
It is a way for you to add time in your day to listen and spend more time with God. (And be encouraged along the way by members of your church family going on the same journey!)
How much time does it take?
2 minutes each day.  If you normally spend 10 minutes in prayer/devotion/Bible reading in January, you will spend 12 minutes. (If you add 2 more minutes each month, by the end of 2024 you will have added 24 more minutes to your quiet time each day!) 
What do I need to do?
Sign up if you haven’t already!  There will be a monthly “toolkit” that gives ideas on starting a quiet time, or ideas to add to your quiet time.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, quiet time fits into your schedule when you have the most uninterrupted time that is available, whether that is first thing in the morning, at lunch, before you go to bed, in the car, in the shower - whenever and wherever!


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