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You'll find adults in the prime of life serving all over Goochland Baptist Church. Our seniors provide valued assistance with children, youth, and music ministries. On top of that, we offer two Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am in the West Wing of the Sanctuary Building:

Agape/HHH Class:  

  • Dedicated Christian ladies who enjoy fellowshipping and studying with each other.  

  • Lessons are taught using the “Bible Studies for Life” series.  

  • They truly care about and look out for other church members and the community.

  • Led by Selma Herweyer.

Senior Adult Men:  

  • This is a group of dedicated men who are going through the "Bible Studies for Life" series.  

  • Each week, they tackle the question of how to live out what the Bible teaches.  

  • Led by John Webb.

For those that are still young at heart, you are welcome to participate in our Intergenerational Sunday School classes that can be found HERE

In addition to Sunday School, our adults, age 55 and over, participate in JOY Club. JOY Club gathers monthly for Christian fellowship, food, and encouragement in their faith.  We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10:30 am. The JOY Club also takes several trips together during the year.

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