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Through Sunday School & Small Groups, adults at Goochland Baptist seek God's direction for their homes, their families, their jobs, and their communities. We strive to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ through service, prayer, and study of Scripture. 

Beginning again in Fall 2024, on Wednesday evenings at 4:30 pm, Pastor Curt leads an adult bible study in the Seekers Classroom of the New Life Building. Followed by Community Table Meal & Activities

On Sunday mornings at 10:45 am, we have five different Sunday School Classes for adults all located in the New Building, except the Agape Class, which is located in the West Wing of the Sanctuary Building. 

SUMMER 2024 Sunday School Class Descriptions/Studies: 

Fellowship Class - led by David Angel and Jessica Stanley

Co-ed, intergenerational

This class uses a variety of resources and approaches to explore God’s character and our role in His cosmic story.  Alongside scripture, these leaders use a range of resources including books, music, history, pop culture, and more to guide small group discussions.

Seekers Class - led by Pastor Curt Kruschwitz

Co-ed, intergenerational

“He Gets Us: Experiencing the confounding love, forgiveness, and relevance of Jesus”

Jesus understands our lives because he was human too. He faced the same hardships and personal struggles that we encounter on a-daily-basis. He felt our deepest sadness and experienced our darkest solitude. In Jesus' time, communities were deeply divided by bitter differences in religious beliefs, political positions, income inequality, legal status, and ethnic differences. But where was Jesus in all of this?

Open Class – led by Lynn Hayes and Hope Webb

Co-ed, intergenerational

Study: Connections – Smyth & Helwys for adults 

For June the lessons will follow the theme of "Chosen Ones: Prophets, Priests, & Kings", for July "For Better or Worse: Responding to the Divine", and for August it will be "A Word for the Church: Faithful Life Together."

Bible Study Class - Led by Wayne Melton

Co-ed, intergenerational

Verse-by-verse Bible Study: John 1, John 2, John 3

Senior Adults - led by John Webb

Co-ed, Senior Adults 

This class uses “Lifeway: Bible Studies for Life series”.  The emphases for the summer will be Promises We Can Count On (6 sessions) and More Than A Sidekick: Serving Alongside Others (6 sessions).

Agape Class - led by Gwen Padgett

Women, Intergenerational 

“Exodus and Numbers: The Exodus from Egypt”, by John MacArthur

This study will guide you through an in-depth look at the historical period beginning with God's calling of Moses, continuing through the giving of the Ten Commandments, and concluding with the Israelites' preparations to enter the Promised Land.  It will include close-up examinations of Aaron, Caleb, Joshua, Balaam and Balak.

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