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Who goes to GBC?

Ask anyone who's been here for more than a month, and they'll tell you Goochland Baptist Church feels like a big "family."  We're a diverse family for sure - young and old, single and married, students and retirees, farmers and business people. But we're unified in our commitment to following Jesus as best we can.

About how long does service last?

Each service typically lasts around 45 minutes to an hour.

What does service at GBC look like?

Each worship service is centered around worship music, a biblically-based sermon, and time for prayer and reflection.


Do you offer childcare during Worship Service?

Yes, we are offering childcare for children under age five. 

Is there a dress code at GBC?

No. You'll see a few people wearing oxford shirts or dresses, maybe a handful in ties, and others in jeans and sandals. However you dress, you'll be welcomed at Goochland Baptist Church.

What kind of Sunday School Classes do you offer?

We offer classes for children and youth.  In addition, we have one women's class and several adult classes for adults.  

What do you offer for middle and high school students?

Our GBC Student Ministry meets weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. For more information, visit our Student Page.

Have more questions about GBC?

Feel free to visit our Contact Page to send us your questions. 

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