Guidelines for Indoor Worship

Established by the Goochland Baptist Church Regathering Team

We will be doing the following in an effort to keep our church family safe:

  • Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces (including doorknobs and bathroom fixtures)

  • Offering hand sanitizer and face masks upon entrance to the church

  • Refraining from passing things (bulletins, offering plate, Lord’s Supper)


Each person will be asked to do the following:

  • Wear a facemask at all times while they’re inside the church building.  (Children under age 2 do not need facemasks.)

  • Practice social distancing, remaining at least six feet apart from those outside your immediate family.

  • Refrain from bringing food or drink into the church building.

  • Use the bathroom before or after the service, but remain in your seat once you’ve been seated for worship.  (Worship will be approximately 45 minutes long.)

  • Visit with our church family outside of the church building after the service.  


Worship itself will look different.

  • In an effort to reduce traffic, an usher will show every individual or family to their seats. (We will seat from the outside of the rows moving in.)

  • Ushers will leave four seats between each individual or family unit to ensure over 6 feet of social distancing.  

  • At the conclusion of the service, ushers will dismiss the congregation by rows.

  •  We will not pass the offering plate, but there will be a box at the entrance of the Multipurpose Room for our church family to drop their offerings into.

  • We’ll have music, but there will be no congregational singing.

  • Children may come forward for the children’s sermon and sit on pre-arranged mats to ensure social distancing.

  • We will not be printing out bulletins.  Instead, we’ll use the monitors to guide the service.

  • Our pastor will preach behind a clear shield and exit the building immediately after the service, so he can greet you safely outside.


Who shouldn’t worship indoors?

  • If you have a fever, cough, or sore throat, please stay home and worship with us online.  

  • If you or someone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and worship with us online.

  • If for any reason, you’re not comfortable with the guidelines the Regathering Team has established, please stay home and worship with us online!  

We will continue to monitor state and local guidance concerning COVID-19 and will make necessary adjustments to our worship guidelines as needed.

Goochland Baptist Church Regathering Team: Kelly Anderson, David Angel, Susan Angel, Angela Bassett, Kristie Gee, Elizabeth Hobbs, Curt Kruschwitz, Erin Kruschwitz, Jeff Parrish, Mila Spaulding, Gayle Stanley, Russ Starke, John Webb and Shannon Wilson.