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What's your story?

Throughout the Bible, God reminds his people to look back and reflect on God's faithfulness over the years.  Remembering God's grace in our past reminds us of God's good promises for our future.


Together, we have an opportunity to remember God’s goodness at Goochland Baptist over the years.  As we look forward to the future, everyone is invited to share a story of God's goodness at GBC in our “This is Our Story” campaign. 

Quite simply, we’d like you to write a paragraph or two to tell us Goochland Baptist Church means to you. 


Maybe you can share a story that explains why you chose to be a part of Goochland Baptist. 


Maybe you’ll write about a person at GBC whose inspired you. 


Maybe you’ll write how your experience at GBC has made you a better person. 


Whatever your story is, we invite you to share it.


Pastor Curt and the anniversary committee will use these stories to help us prepare for our 250th anniversary celebration in October.  Please know that your story will never be shared or reproduced without your permission.  But we truly believe that the best way to celebrate our future is to consider how God has worked in the past.  Your story will help us as a church remember God’s grace in a deeper way. 

Thanks for submitting!

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